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The Environment  The most significant impacts from our industry relate to our use of non-renewable fossil fuels and the consequent emissions of air pollutants and GHGs. Efforts to curb our impact on climate change and air quality have been focused primarily on our aircraft fleet. On the ground, our major environmental impacts are derived from emissions from our vehicle fleet and the use of water and hazardous chemicals in our aircraft and engine maintenance works. We also generate waste from our inflight services.
Safety  Flight safety, security and health issues are our first priority. We link our approach to quality and contingency planning. We employ a number of precautionary measures to safeguard the health of our passengers and frontline employees against infectious diseases.
Our Business  As a major airline we operate an aircraft fleet, catering services, and ground handling services. Our impact extends to consumer issues, supply chain management and employee concerns. Our business success is very much dependent on our responsibility towards and how we meet the needs of our customers, our suppliers and our employees.
The Community  Through our core business we contribute to the development of communities in Hong Kong and around the world. This is extended to our outports through recruiting and training local staff, supporting local businesses and participating in a variety of partnerships with local charities and NGOs.