Progress against 2009 actions and Agenda
Recruitment and selection
As a major employer which supports Hong Kong, we endeavour to demonstrate good corporate citizenship. We provide equal opportunities to individuals regardless of gender, race, national origin, disability and family status. We have adopted formal mechanisms through which employees can make a complaint of discrimination or harassment in any form.
Local recruitment
The practice of undertaking local recruitment in the communities where we operate has been in place for the past 20 years. If the required skills are available locally, we will give priority to the local labour market, before searching internationally. Vacancies are first opened internally to the company, then to the local community, and then finally, overseas. Most of our overseas hiring relates to skills or experience that is not readily available in the local labour market.
We offer specific programmes to build staff competencies in the following areas:
Career Choices Brief Description
Management Trainee
To nurture our next generation of business leaders
(Part of John Swire & Sons
Hong Kong, a wholly-owned
subsidiary of Swire Pacific)
Three-year developmentprogramme, with classroom training, workshops, and attachments to different facets of our business within and outside of Hong Kong
Engineering Trainee Programme A 30-month development programme, with classroom-based aircraft training alongside practical experience in postings to different engineering sections
Cadet Pilot A 60-week development programme for becoming a Commercial Pilot
  Residential course at a specialised facility in Australia
Flight Attendants Three-year signed contract to train as safety officer, caring team player and ambassador for Hong Kong
Customer Services Officer Nine to 12 months development programme on customer service skills within airside duty, and technical check-in procedures training in landside
Our human resources
management approach
Human resources issues are managed by the respective departments in Cathay Pacific, Dragonair and our other subsidiaries. At Cathay Pacific, this is headed by our Director Personnel and at Dragonair, by the Head of Personnel.
Our Corporate Code of Conduct sets out our principles for acting responsibly in the course of achieving our commercial success. This Code of Conduct applies to all staff of Cathay Pacific and our subsidiaries and includes issues related to business ethics, conflict of interest, procurement, insider trading, lobbying, bribery, environment, health and safety, and respect in the workplace. Comprehensive policies have been developed to support the Code of Conduct.
To ensure that staff members are aware of these policies and their implications they are communicated via appropriate channels including orientation and induction sessions and an intranet link provided in employee contracts.
We aim to ensure our employees are productive, competent and flexible and operate within a healthy environment. We ensure this through a series of training and development programmes. We also strive to manage people in a way that recognises diversity.
Our strength, our people
We believe that Cathay Pacific differentiates itself through the interaction with our friendly, professional and intuitive people who will genuinely go the extra mile to care for our passengers and make them feel that they are somebody. Our people deliver this service and we recognise that they are important to our success. An advertising campaign, called 'People & Service,' was launched to communicate this in our key markets through various media such as print, television, outdoor displays, online, and social media. The highlight of the campaign is the opportunity to meet our team through our online minisite at, which features personal stories of our people, along with what they feel motivates them to deliver Service Straight From The Heart.