Progress against 2009 actions and Agenda
Our Vision is to be the world's best airline and providing outstanding products and services in a socially and environmentally responsible way is key to achieving this.
Customer satisfaction
Our customer service philosophy is to offer 'Service Straight From The Heart' — a unique service concept, built around personal recognition at all service touchpoints to make our customers feel comfortable, secure and special.
We set ourselves extremely high targets in customer service, especially in relation to issues such as staff etiquette.
Listening to our customers
Through ongoing dialogue we are able to improve our offering, develop new services and build long-term relationships with customers. We measure satisfaction through our ongoing Reflex Passenger Survey, where we sample our flights daily across all classes, enabling us to collect around 30,000 responses for both Cathay Pacific and Dragonair per month. The purpose of the survey is to evaluate what passengers think about their travel experience with us.
Our 2009 results showed a significant increase in most areas of customer satisfaction relating to our services.
We also held four focus group discussions led by an independent party to obtain feedback from a sample of our Marco Polo Club members (our most frequent flyers) on our products and services and their expectation for the future.
Dealing with complaints
Feedback from our customers is important to us and mechanisms are in place for us
to channel criticism or recognition to relevant departments so that we can learn from those areas or motivate the team respectively. Complaint channels such as comment cards, direct conversation with our frontline staff and online feedback forms are available to direct views to our management team and ensure that we are constantly listening to our customers.
Collecting customer feedback through our online channels is the most efficient way for our customers and our team to address issues. In 2009, we invested in a system to channel feedback received through the Cathay Pacific and Dragonair websites to ensure that customer feedback is responded to from one of the 36 countries in which we operate. Any feedback received is investigated and the current service level requires a reply within 14 days. Plans are underway to develop a system to capture customer feedback at all of our customer touchpoints.
We recognise that customers may experience lower than expected service levels and initiatives are in place to ensure that our customers' concerns continue to be proactively resolved — and that our approach and interactions with them are efficient and consistent.
Handling passengers with disabilities — Air Carrier Access Act of 1986
All Cathay Pacific staff in Hong Kong and the United States (US) have completed a comprehensive, half-day training module to better assist them in dealing with passengers with disabilities. All other outport staff and all new staff will be required to take the training in 2010.
Relevant staff have also attended a one-day complaints resolution workshop to comply with the requirements of the US Department of Transportation in the Air Carrier Access Act of 1986.
Providing a diverse service
We constantly strive to channel service improvements taking into consideration the cultural and demographic diversity of our passengers. We currently serve 20 types of special meals to cater for medical, religious or dietary requirements.
Service beyond
the call of duty
Annually we recognise staff who have embodied service beyond the call of duty, through the Betsy award. The Airport Services Manager (ASM) at our Cairns, Australia outport, Amanda Jessop-Shaw was the top awardee in 2009. Amanda accompanied a 10-year old passenger who was suffering from a severe earache while waiting for the child's mother to arrive two days later. Amanda took the passenger to the hospital and then to a hotel to rest.
"I wanted to give her the appropriate care and attention she needed," says Amanda who, as a mother herself, knew the young passenger would be frightened at being sick and alone in a strange place. "As an ASM it's my job to take good care of our passengers."