Scope of the Report
This Report covers all significant environmental, economic and social impacts arising from the activities of the Cathay Pacific Group in the 2009 calendar year. It also presents our commitments for 2010. We have significantly expanded the scope and boundary of this Report from last year and we are now reporting on 100% owned subsidiaries based in Hong Kong. We also report on some associate companies with a view to increasing disclosure in future reports.
We amended our Economic Value Table and Aircraft Operations numbers in the Environmental Indicators Table due to alignment with our Annual Report 2009 and emissions reporting with relevant regulators.
How we Report
The content of this Report has been defined by a process of:
stakeholder engagement;
identification of priority areas set out by aviation industry associations and use of a material issues or materiality matrix;
benchmarking against other airlines; and,
reference to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI ) 2006 reporting framework (G3) and the AA1000 Accountability standard.
Measuring our Performance
We have included commitments in almost every area of this Report. These enable us to track our performance and help us to better manage efforts across our operations in addressing our key sustainability impacts.
What Others Say About this Report
A committee of stakeholders has reviewed the balance, completeness and responsiveness of this Report. Comments from our Stakeholder Review Committee can be read on page 50.
Global Reporting Initiative
We continue to use the GRI's G3 guidelines and we are once again pleased to announce our achievement of an A+ GRI grade in this Report. This grade is an indication of the comprehensiveness of our reporting approach and is a reflection of our transparency on GRI indicators. It does not reflect actual implementation of sustainable development initiatives. Our implementation is driven internally and guided by international standards and benchmarks such as the FTSE4Good Index.
Supplementary information such as the data assumptions and calculation process and the full GRI indicators table can be found online.